Prospect House Buffet & Art Museum Tour

Wed, Dec 12, 2018, 12:00 pm
Meet at Prospect House

Deadline December 4th

Cost: $25.00 pp members and non-members

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The Art Museum and Prospect House have long been favorites among our members, what a great way to share favorite places with old and new friends.

Prospect House Holiday Buffet features delicious entrees, salads and desserts using the best fresh ingredients. The beautiful glass enclosed room overlooking the gardens makes your meal an outstanding experience.

After lunch we take a short stroll to the Art Museum which is celebrated for its exceptional breadth, depth, and quality. We will tour the new art exhibition, Nature's Nation: American Art and Environment,  with a museum docent who will provide expert commentary and art history references. 

Reframing more than 300 years of diverse artistic practice in North America, from the colonial period to the present, Nature’s Nation: American Art and Environment examines for the first time how American artists have both reflected and shaped environmental understanding while contributing to the emergence of a modern ecological consciousness. The exhibition traces evolving ideas about the environment – and our place within it – from colonial beliefs about natural theology and biblical dominion through the 19th-century notion of manifest destiny to the emergence of modern ecological ethics. This pioneering exhibition will gather over 100 works of art by a broad range of artists – including iconic masterpieces as well as rare and seldom exhibited works – and interpret them through an interdisciplinary lens that unites art and environmental history with scientific analysis, using ecocriticism as a tool to see the history of American art in a new light.