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Please Take the Time to Renew Your Membership: Our membership year begins September 15, so if you have not already done so, N O W is the time to renew your membership for 2018 - 2019. We need you to renew your membership and recruit others in the Princeton University community to join. Your membership benefits include newsletters, announcing activities, socials and at-cost trips for members.

Membership cost is only $20 per household. The membership envelope is one way to renew. Also, you can renew and have others join by submitting a membership form and mail along with payment to Uleague, Princeton University , 221 Nassau Street 3rd fl, Princeton , NJ 08544 . Please take time today to renew – we need your help now.

Regular Members: Faculty (defined as members of the teaching and research staff, directors of various teaching, research and library units, research associates, curators, persons with similar duties and all persons who have retired from these positions), staff, administration and the Institute for Advanced Study. In addition, regular membership includes a spouse or domestic partner of individuals in the above positions and any children.

Guest Members: Any member of the community that supports the mission of the University League, who is attending at least one of the interest groups as a guest of a Regular Member and who has paid their membership dues. (We reserve the right to limit such memberships.)

Dues: $20 per family (payable to Uleague) due on or before September 15. Dues are used to cover expenses that benefit members, and newcomer activities which welcome new members to our community.

Membership Application: Newcomers and all others may request that an envelope be sent by contacting the Uleague office at 609-258-3650 or via email. You may also click here to download the membership form. Payment and mailing instructions are printed on the form.

Benefits of Membership: Newsletters announcing activities, parties and at-cost trips for members.

For further membership information, please contact Michal Scheer, Program Administrator at 609-258-3650.